Monday, March 30, 2015

Trailer Town Gold

I've lived in Michigan the majority of my life. My small hometown in the middle of a cornfield held only a small amount of personalities. There were the 'no-see-um' townies, the druggies, the 'try to get out of town, but always come crawling back to mom'-ers, the successful at getting out of town-ers, the 'this is my kingdom and my child owns the area'-ers, and the small amount of people with warm hearts that weren't out to hurt anyone, get anything, and just gave happily in their small little life that they loved.
For a brief period of time I was Indiana for college, and I must say the mass of the place was filled with egotistical rich kids that had a little knack for God. 
After Indiana, I got my own place in a large college town with a friend about an hour from the small town I grew up in. Tell you what, it was a bit rough. The neighbors never knew you existed until the days they decided to call the cops for noise complaints because your phone music was 'too loud'. The bars we're filled with hot to trot college kids that only want to talk to you if you were going to be their scratch and burn. The 55+ community hated everyone that looked under 30. Then the new friends that you finally managed to make, whether it was from a bar or thrice removed acquaintances of other friends, they always seemed to drink all your beer and be gone until you were ready to buy a new pack. Not everyone of course fit these, but the majority. I was out and about quite a bit and those that were ready to 'mingle' never were there for your best interests. I can say the only friends that I got out of living there for that bit were the ones through work and through Mike, since that was about the time I met him. 
After that hole in the wall in the college town, I moved about 15 minutes away in with Mike. Made a lot more friends through him, and vice versa. The neighbors still didn't talk to us and once in a while we would have a saint come by and pull us out of our ditch of a driveway in the middle of the winter even though I know most would have rather to keep driving past. 
Now Florida. This is the best place I have ever spent a time. It's a small quant trailer/RV park. There's about 200 lots, but you'd never know it, that are adorably kept trailers in the 55+ area and in the front there is about 20 or so RV lots for some that are permanent and some for the just stopper-bys. To the left of us is our manager and her husband. Too Cute Tina and Dashing Dave have been a complete help from the pipes busting and through our entire process of getting used to living in a tiny box. Behind them is Mr Big Hearted Bubba. This is the guy most people should strive for in a personality. He works hard everyday and then comes home just to help the neighbors out with projects and payment being only sharing a laugh or two. Oh! And his baby girl Gypsi is Monsters new bff/crush. She's an older Rottweiler with as much enthusiasm and personality as Monster, hence why I'm sure they make the best of friends.  
On the other side of Bubba lives the middle aged Cheery Brenda. Always a smile on her face even when some sort of aliment is in effect for the day.
There's a bit of randoms spread out through the park who are always outgoing enough to throw a 'hello' and such with a smile as we pass by as well. When we first arrived we were told that everyone is pretty decent, but there's the few that have a bit of a humbug with their step, happily we haven't run into any of those.
Whenever a hand is needed or someone just wants someone to converse with, you bet your bottom dollar someone will be there.
Last night we started the summer cookouts with a bang. The ones I above mentioned and a few others came over with their dishes and I tell you the truth when I say that we FEASTED! On top of being Mr Big Heart, Bubba is an absolute god when it comes to grilling. The Boston Butt melted off the bone and the chicken never lost an ounce of juice. To top my cooking off, I finally managed not to burn something in my oven. With a little inspiration from Chili's new jalapeno cheddar corn biscuits, I tried to copy the recipe. Turned out awesome if you ask me and the other 10 folks that could handle the fire.
Anyways, I'm loving the all around environment here. So far, it has been the best placed I have basically lived. If I had more of my close friends and family around, I'd be in RV girl heaven.

Work on the other hand has still been trifling. The main company Mike has had his hopes up for has been so unprofessional and has proved time and time again that they may not be the company that he should work for just with how awful they treat potential employees and customers.  He's technically employed, they just keep pushing his start date back.
And me? After the now 14 applications I've put in from part-time Subway to  full-time Home Health care positions to building modular homes, I'm losing hope just a tiny bit. Thankfully a friend that lives down here recently brought that hope back up telling me I haven't heard back mostly because I don't have a FL license as of yet. Makes sense, who wants to hire someone that looks like they won't be in state long. Fixing that next time I have a chance to get into town.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Stagnate Time

I must give my apologies for the lack of posts lately. In truth, it's simply because we have not done anything yet in progression towards our goals. Of coarse we knew that there was going to be a point in time when this was going to happen because part of the plan was to sit somewhere for a bit and raise money for the academy and etc,.

We have repaired the hole in our roof, and I must say for a couple of hippy wannabes, we did a darn pretty job up there. We have yet to put in the vent, but that should be easy enough.

The RV continues to be re-organized and re-decorated. I think we have finally gotten close to what we want it to look like, at least until we get some more steady income in to do so.

Mike's employment was pushed back due to a numerical issue in his background check. So for the fault of the company, he won't start for two weeks (as far as we know) past his original start date.
As for mwah, I've applied to a total of 12 different places around here. Full time, part time, fast food, a grocery store, home health aide, housekeeping, 3 miles away and 9 miles away. That last part doesn't seem so bad until you know all we have for transportation, minus our RV (which we're not going to move every time I have a shift somewhere), is our bike. So with the awesome neighbors that we have, their bringing home some apps for me to apply for either a mobile home construction company, or a road construction job. Yay for either one. I honestly didn't understand why I'm not hearing back from any of these low score places I applied to. Then my friend brought up that it's more than likely because I'm not a FL resident yet. Oober awesome.

Keep your fingers crossed for my loves :)