Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Stagnate Time

I must give my apologies for the lack of posts lately. In truth, it's simply because we have not done anything yet in progression towards our goals. Of coarse we knew that there was going to be a point in time when this was going to happen because part of the plan was to sit somewhere for a bit and raise money for the academy and etc,.

We have repaired the hole in our roof, and I must say for a couple of hippy wannabes, we did a darn pretty job up there. We have yet to put in the vent, but that should be easy enough.

The RV continues to be re-organized and re-decorated. I think we have finally gotten close to what we want it to look like, at least until we get some more steady income in to do so.

Mike's employment was pushed back due to a numerical issue in his background check. So for the fault of the company, he won't start for two weeks (as far as we know) past his original start date.
As for mwah, I've applied to a total of 12 different places around here. Full time, part time, fast food, a grocery store, home health aide, housekeeping, 3 miles away and 9 miles away. That last part doesn't seem so bad until you know all we have for transportation, minus our RV (which we're not going to move every time I have a shift somewhere), is our bike. So with the awesome neighbors that we have, their bringing home some apps for me to apply for either a mobile home construction company, or a road construction job. Yay for either one. I honestly didn't understand why I'm not hearing back from any of these low score places I applied to. Then my friend brought up that it's more than likely because I'm not a FL resident yet. Oober awesome.

Keep your fingers crossed for my loves :)

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