Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mmmmm... Yee Haw and Stuffs

At 10pm on January 28th, we began our transit from Mike’s mothers home towards Indiana on I69.  Minus a squealing in the front right, we’re hoping it is simply connected to the reason the heating fan works on and off, and a 1990 generator that is quite fussy, it has been quite a smooth nice ride. At about 2am we passed the Michigan/Indiana border. After about 2:30 my drowsiness from the ride had subsided, and the view of the clear night sky and clear highway left nothing but good vibes flowing through the free space in the RV. We finally decided to settle down for a few hours at a trucker stop at 3:30am.

After passing the some 70 semis or so we finally found a ‘parking space’ at the far end of the lot. To my dismay and Mike’s luck there was a field surrounded in a thin woods right next to us; I had to walk through the smog like filled alleys between the idling semis for about two minutes before finally reaching the bathrooms, he didn’t have to walk ten feet. All I can say to that is, “Boys… Pssshhhhhh”.  One more thing; Truck stops are creeeeppppyyyy when you’re on your lonesome. My bladder actually did me a favor for once last night not bugging me every two hours.

The generator turned on the third try and stayed on keeping us toasty until 6:30 when were up and at it again.

Did I mention that the gas gauge doesn’t work in GUS GUS?  The guy we bought it from said it worked last time he used it; Uh huh, sure brah…

Here we are at 10:36am and we’re just passing through Louisville, Kentucky. Nothing so special thus far, I know we’re getting closer to the south by the way the layered hills look and the fact that with no snow here the construction is ridiculous.
Another thought passing through my mind as we’re fleeting through Louisville is how much of a small town girl I am. “Oh look! Another big building! Watch me as a swoon over the next one as well!”.


Just made it passed the Tennessee border and it’s going to be in the upper 50s for the rest of the day! Looks like I should be taking off my to two sweatshirts, coat, under armor leggings, and jeans really soon! Mike already started shaking his layers off.
Monster has slept the majority of the way, I’m pretty sure he’s mad at us for confining him for so long. But we just made a reservation for a KOA campground about an hour away then we’ll be able to let him roam a wee bit until we take off again early tomorrow morning.

Things we’ve seen I guess I feel like mentioning:
  • The Fruit of the Loom World Headquarters, Colonal Sanders KFC Headquarters, and the Corvette Museum. Kinda cool if you lived under a rock most your life; i.e. Me.

(Giant Colonal Sanders Face on a building to the left... Dude... Cool, right?)

  • Lots of hills... and Rocks...
  • And no Snow! Thats right! We're out of the snow zone ladies and gents ;) 

It is now a beautiful 50 something degrees still and we have parked GUS GUS for the night at a KAO RV park. Not too shabby of a place as far as a quick stop goes. Monster is enjoying the sun on his face finally after being cooped up and Mike, Mr. awesome driver, is passed out from all of the previous driving.

Another thing that caught me off guard was the accents. I didn't even think about it until we stopped to check out a campground. A man with a greying mullet came up to us and with a long drawn out hello, he sent me back a foot or so. Oh yeah, duh, I'm definitely south. To which I began non-purposefully replying in an awful accent. Good job Miss Personality. 

Tallyho for now my Monsters!

PS - I really don't know why I think this is worth mentioning, but I also decided to take a trip out of the motorhome thinking the step was down and busted my knee and ankle right before plummeting to my arse on some ice. For those of you who want to see my scaley bloody knee, maybe later. I'll be nice to the extensive germaphobes... for now :)

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