Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Old Stones

If you ever want free Wi-Fi, but don’t need a hotel room, there’s a Wal-Mart parking lot just off I24 in Chattanooga., Tennessee.  For proof, I’m sitting here right now drinking a fresh glass of lemonade typing this for your ultimate mental indulgence with full bars. It’s been a great day for gypsy mooches.

We didn’t leave the KAO campground until about 11am when they were kicking everyone out, which was fine since the morning before we were up and out before the crack of dawn. This was like an extra nice sleep in for us, but alas, a little expensive; all we used were their showers, electric, and slow Wi-Fi. Seriously, this free mooch stuff is getting me further quicker.

We hit the highway again after talking the gas attendant lady into taking our $50 in quarter coin rolls, what a saint because she finally gave in. Actually, it really wasn’t all that hard when Mike let his smolder smile out; Boom… action complete.

We only drove a few hours until we stumbled upon the rest of our day. After passing cave after zip-line after cave, that cost about $20+ per person, there was a little sunlight lighting our way as we passed a sign that said Old Stone Fort Archeological State Park.  So, most parks back in Michigan, but not all, cost at least a nice $10 to get into them. We we’re hoping this was one of those parks that didn’t because we were getting a bit low on funds at the time, and to Gods great will, it was FREE. *big smiley*

(1) “The Old Stone Fort was built during the Middle Woodland Period, 1,500-2,000 years ago. Native Americans used this area continuously for about 500 years, eventually leaving it abandoned. By the time European settlers arrived, it was unclear of what the area had been used for which resulted in it being misnamed as a fort. In 1966, the state of Tennessee purchased 400 acres of the Chumley estate as the core of what is now Old Stone Fort State Archaeological Park.”

Seriously though; this is some incredibly B-E-A-UTIFUL land. 
Too bad we only had an iphone to capture all these!

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