Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Off Grid Choice

I was talking with an old friend of mine the other night and he asked me where I was going next and what my plan was after this step. Simply enough I replied, "...The next point I suppose is saving enough money for Earth-Ship academy. No rush. Just living life, living small, and doing what's needed until the finds are sufficient". To which he replied something along the lines of 'cool, and I've never met anyone doing what you're doing'. And that sparked this:

Why is it so rare to find someone that has or is in the process of taking the reigns over from a pre-apocalyptic government? 'Oh no, here she goes again, ranting and being a crazy conspirator'. I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below, but here's my little rant that should be already well known in a sense. 
  1. We are being poisoned by almost everything we put into our mouth. For just a small example,"it's estimated that Monsanto seeds now account for 90% of the U.S. production of soybeans, which are used in food products beyond counting (1)." Just a small part of the huge list extends from the multiple flours, oils, and sweets we cook with to the lotions and sprays we put on our bodies (2). They're also trying to get their dirty little petri dish hands into the milk industry. And those who allow such atrocities are not only we the people who chose to not fight against it, but those officiaries that manipulate and hide the documents, preventing we the people - those that can and will stand against it, in dark corners. Making big money is the only thing these corps are interested in, but we all knew that. The issue is, those who know it, why do you accept it? Our resolution: Everything we can buy when possible is heirloomed, GMO free, organic, and local.
    Also, when we finally get to the point when we own our little plot of land and build our Earthship, the only produce we eat will be our own. Thank you to those in my family for teaching me how to be heirlooming-ly sustainable when it comes to what I put in my mouth. Your food should be your medicine! Modern science in the healthcare industry is indeed incredible, but also collapsible to your health when dealing with the pharmaceuticals that are being stuffed down your throat resulting in more aching symptoms requiring MORE drugs. Start at home, eat your organics, go for a walk, and when you feel a cold coming on, I don't not give a damn about your picky eating habits; stuff a clove of garlic, some honey, a touch of ginger, and pinch of cayenne pepper in a blender and make a shot of 'make you sweat it out' elixir.
    And to save my own bum, I'm not giving out medical advice; I'm giving out my opinion and personal positive history with the mix of it all. I have been to a doctor once in the past 10 years and it wasn't for any sort of flu or common cold sickness, shingles was a massive virus pain in my arse though, and they just said deal with it and sent me home. Good bye $160 to some great advice I should have googled...  In the end somehow for the majority it's easier to take someone else's advice that has a degree yet hardly cares (not all professionals of course, but I've been around a few heartless Dr's), than to do your own research and find what's best for you the natural way. 
  2. Another reason getting off grid is appealing is not having to depend on the local water, electric, natural gas and sewage departments, and also not having to pay their sometimes hefty bills with hidden fees. Although becoming independent enough to be able to not rely on these 'forced' companies comes with alot of research and required skills, the end result is a heart filled with pride that you don't need a bunch of money bags telling you that you have to 'have' this and that particular hook up. Of course there are some places that prevent you from doing what you must to get to this point, sometimes the best thing to do is just move. Money shouldn't be too much of an issue once you get to that point since you wont need that 9 - 5 job deep in the nearest city to pay for things you could be doing for your self on your own.
    But aside from the fight of knowing what you have to do to get there, there's the fight of getting there before the government somehow makes it completely impossible. It's already illegal to catch rain water (rain water harvesting) in 11 states unless you have a license or permit, depending on each state. It's now more difficult to live off grid and be self sustainable in many areas of the country.
    I have actually heard stories of people that didn't have cable or an electric bill and were threatened to have their auto insurance canceled because so. I said 'forced' earlier for a reason. Watch Eustance and his fight with living off the grid: 
  3. Your finances. Did I just see a shudder down your spine? So many Americans have been hooked and reeled in to the promises of a white picket fence and a steady job with livable wages if they just follow the standard societal promoted way of life. Credit card after credit card, loan after student loan, and then on top of it you qualify for it after keeping up with your cards, a mortgage comes. So much fun debt. I wrote a bit about this subject a few post ago, so I won't get into it too much, but how does this make sense? 'They' have transformed a once noble country into a greedy one that wants what it wants when it wants it even tho its either not good for them or to they have just been sucked into the vanity black hole and just must have that pair of $800 dollar shoes for show off. It's so bland, this way of living. Almost everyone is doing it, and if you're not in a hole of debt then you're not supposedly 'living'.
  4. Living basically all around is up to you! No more crap built homes that depend on other companies coming in and crappily repairing them year after year; if you did it with your own two hands with what nature gave you, you know it was done right. No more worrying while off grid about being in the middle of city catastrophes such as soon to come martial law and have no time to plan for a progressive future during and after. 
The conclusion with just this little bit of information why people don't tread on this trail more often is because it's just plain too hard. You've grown up being given everything you need to survive and some have even more. You have to work for a living to pay for things to survive, so why not just work to survive? It was and still is happily done by people around the world. I don't mind not following society. I have what I need and a little bit more at the moment. I'm still relying on the system for some of my food, gas, water, and electricity. The difference between some of you and I though, is that if you were to throw me in the middle of the woods with a leatherman, a rope, and a bucket, I could survive for quite a time. Also, we are on the road to becoming a non-cooperation supporting free couple. You're not free if you're being harassed for money, or to be dependant on things you don't need by people that have everything but the best interest for the American society.

ALSO: I believe the below article pretty much sums up part that we "think" we are free in this society:

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