Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Little Things that Easily Turn into Big Things

So, I find when I’m in the shower ideas come to be without hassle. There I am just blubbering away singing the best cover ever to any song that pops into my head, and sometimes actual thoughts are found lurking in there behind that secret note that Monster heard, but Mike didn’t. You know what I mean fellow shower singers... Anyhow...

 I was thinking about how just a little ole’ me can impact the planet in any little ole fashion I can. While staring around at all of the glittery and glammed objects in my shower one day I began to think about all of the chemicals that were in each one and how they were negatively affecting my body and also the ground that they were going to sooner or later wash into. Here’s a few of my examples:

Looking into the negatives of the common shampoo kind of shocks me; sulfates, isopropyl alcohol, formaldehyde, and propylene glycol. Basically all irritating to our body and come on.... Formaldehyde.... Okay sounds like next shower I have to wear a mask and tape my eyes shut... My other point being that if you want to change the world one step at a time, do just that. I started in my shower. My first example is replacing my shampoo with something more body and Earth friendly. I recently found a shampoo bar I love called Knotty Boy in menthol scent. It's completely natural (river friendly) and their website isn’t afraid to post up all of the ingredients for their products. I'm sold. It's good for my Earth, my body, and my dreads :) I also used this as body soap since it’s all natural. I smell superb and only have one bar at a decent price for all over use. Less taken up space for the RV as well. Trying to condense all of my items has been a rough one, but doing these little swap outs has been so helpful. I used to spend at least $20 on my combined shower products, now I’m looking at $9 (not including razors which I’ll be looking into soon as well).


My next victim was my floss, and yes I floss in the shower otherwise I forget. Just looking at it I was thinking about its breakdown rate when sitting at a garbage dump. I couldn’t think of any negative's at the moment towards my body, so after I was all dried off the research began. Come to find out the amount sold in the US is insane, and while you may think it’s just a little roll of tasty string, think about how many Americans (and everyone else worldwide!) uses it on a daily basis. That little ounce adds up really fast. So, a lot of floss petri dished from petroleum into nylon just makes my ears ring from the negative impacts it has on all natural ecosystems. Let me not forget to mention that the EPA allows a chemical called polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), which is sometimes found in human blood tests from floss use (amount tho? I really don’t know), to be coated all over it. Oh yeah... It’s a carcinogen. Those little substances that are being sold to you without you knowing it on a daily basis that can lead to cancer. Is Monsanto ahead of this too?? Anyways... Still doing some research on some good out there; Toms of Maine looked promising. And watch out for sites that throw all this vegan hub at you, most is still petroleum based. But then again, this depends on your lifestyle choice. If none of it sounds good to you, there’s a guy in Washington state that uses pinecones ;)

So again, the little things add up to the bigger things. One step at a time and before you know it your living a more you friendly and eco-friendly life. Do your research and replace one thing at a time if you can, easy peasy lemon squeezy! Don't forget to share your discoveries in the comment section! Much Love <3 

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