Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sappy Happenings and We’re Off

The last few days have been quite trying. Saying so-long to the ones closest to my heart; doing my best to hold back, but still having the tears flow the moment they/I leave the driveway. Thank you to all who have helped me get to where I am now and will continue to be there 1000+ miles away. Thank you to those that helped Mike and I's transition from this home to our next an easier one. You all know who you are, and someday I hope to pay you all back somehow, some way. This will be the last part of our Michigan journey in the next few days until I come back; in the hopes to attend my beautiful friends wedding in October!

We left the little house in Michigan, that we began turning into a home just under 4 years, on January 24th, 2015 at 8pm. The stress of the move is still somewhat running through Mike and I’s bones, literally; mainly our backbones. I’d also love to throw a special thanks to all of the literal muscle behind our move out side of Mike and I, you know who you are as well; For the people who are totally against letting your Monsters go for a wee bit in to the big bad world, you’re all so wonderful for understanding and giving your hand. Much appreciated! <3

So the plan so far here and out is to say our farewells to his mother and then be on our way after a few days. Before the end of our stay there, we should have all the stops we want to make plus a few extra.

This is such a new feeling; probably why my heart hasn’t stopped palpitating at such an awkward rate. Knowing of our future goals, but not much of an actual day-to-day plan to get us there. Wow, we’re really doing this. Here we go out into the big bad world with our big bad selves. I’ll be in touch with more details when we are on our way and finally gettin’ out of Michigan.

To make this a little more somewhat informative than just sappy endings, I’d like to share something with you guys. Something I’ve learned over the years, and have finally began trying to put it to work, and something I try to encourage others to think and do everyday in their life if help is possible; be happy. Change your outlook. Oh, believe me, I know it won’t happen with the snap of the fingers, but It is completely possible. Everyday, just tell yourself something your happy with in your life.  It gets easier, but this is not a lose 20 lbs. in one week example.

When I was just a tot at the round age of about 13, I had a magnificent softball coach; though I didn’t find her that way at the time. It was a long hard day after catching a tournament and as soon as we arrived to our campsite I passed out in my little indigo tent. I woke up to find that all of my coaches, and teammates were gone. Not a second thought about it since I was as introvert as they come, I began wiping the sleepys from my eyes when my dad handed me a stick with a hot dog on it and said, “Here’s dinner”. Happily eating it, enjoying the little family time I could get with my family around the fire, there was nothing else to it. Then everyone came back; all gloating about the steak house they just went to. Now, the next thing I did would be something I would smack my kid, if I ever had one, if they did it. I’d like to say I was a highly contained mature emotional 13 year old, but that would be a lie because everyone has to grow up sometime, and I hadn’t too much yet at that point. Miss little jealous over here decided to throw a nice little fit about only having hot dogs while everyone else had a ‘great’ steak dinner. Right away my coach said something in such an awkward and miniscule manner, but with such an impact did come of it later. Coach Kay belted, “There are starving kids in Africa that have to eat dirt for dinner”. She was the age I am now, and I’m assuming she really only wanted to shut my mouth, without much more impact. Really though. So kids in Africa don’t really resort to eating dirt, at least to my minimal knowledge on the subject of world hunger. So it took me a few years to understand the impact of those, at the time, really stupid words that made me not want to listen to any of her signs the next day into the tournament; another epic trait of mine at the time was my appalling taste for giving undeserved revenge (which I find bit me in he bum X2 in the future every time)– I’m blaming the public school system play grounds on this one.
Anyways –From the previous story, I finally can take two different morals/life lessons and share/apply them. 

  • Be happy with what you have. I’m not saying don’t shoot for the stars; I want you to! But until you obtain all the goals you have previously made with an attitude of gratitude, you will never be happy with your future finish line after the completion.
  • Pay attention to the little things…. Or don’t. I guess even though it was such an insignificant sentence, it stuck with me until I finally came upon a meaning for it in my life. I guess don’t shrug everything off; if it follows you for a few years, try to evaluate it.

Anyways tootles for now. I’ll be touch with you guys the next time I’m able to get an Internet connection and hopefully be able to tell you we’ve at least made it safely over the Michigan/Indiana border.

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